About us

The Aqualock Group offers a professional approach to sustainable infrastructure management and fight against climate change.

Aqualock devices are designed for lockout procedures in confined spaces, valve boxes and other conduits where access must be prevented or protected.

Patentee of the AQUALOCK and ENERLOCK access protection devices for liquid and gas distribution and supply pipes since 2015. The Aqualock Group develops its innovations in partnership with Mégatech A.Q., winner of the Fidéides Innovation Manufacturière 2020 award.

Why Aqualock?

The Aqualock device and its concept applications offer innovative solutions for the following objectives:

  • Employee health and safety.
  • Sustainable management of water supply infrastructures.
  • Combating climate change by permanently eliminating GHGs.
  • Reduction in cumulative maintenance deficit.
  • Ongoing savings in operating budgets.

Professional expertise!

The Aqualock Group coordinates the professional and technological expertise of its collaborating partners. The devices are produced by machining firm Mégatech A.Q., winner of the 2020 Innovation Manufacturier award.

Protection is good,
Padlocking is better!

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