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Aqualock technical specifications and features

Aqualock patented devices offer an exclusive hybrid sealing and/or locking function that protects valve integrity and prevent access at all times. This feature contributes to the annual reduction of the infrastructures maintenance costs and to the fight against climate change through the permanent elimination of GHGs. – click here

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  • Patented device with no internal mechanism and fully compressible.
  • No device-specific tools are required, just a common impact drill.
  • No adjustment required, at any time.
  • Unbreakable and fully shock-resistant.
  • The central component is fully hydrophobic and remains operational at all times.
  • Unique device with lateral compressible flow channels
  • Quick, easy and simple installation.
  • Simply insert the device into the conduit, screw on the nut and insert the padlock into the screw head.
  • Durability life equivalent to stainless steel life.
  • The only device that meets all valve box dimensions and diameter variations (including Asian imports).
  • Available in 7 sizes and more.

Quick video for installation of Aqualock devices

Quick video for removal of Aqualock devices

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